The highly politicized environment in which many institutional limited partners, including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, university endowments, and foundations operate means they have to be attentive to headline risk created by investment managers or the portfolio companies or assets they invest in.

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Ares-backed Pilgrim Pipelines vs. the Ramapough Lenape Nation

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After calls for a federal review of the sale of the Westin Long Beach hotel, will AEW ensure the transaction does not pose national security risks?

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Oaktree homeowner eviction – Joann Rodriguez

Post | February 20, 2017
Oaktree’s mortgage servicer moves to evict two homeowners who spoke out against its mortgage practices

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UNITE HERE and Food & Water Watch deliver letter asking Ares and its investors to stop funding the Pilgrim Pipelines

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Will Oaktree run afoul of HUD requirements on distressed Baltimore mortgages?

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UNITE HERE hosts discussion on risks of alternative managers like Ares Management at Council of Institutional Investors Fall Conference

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Community and environmental advocates call on Ares Management to stop funding destructive Pilgrim Pipeline

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Sticker Shock: Can Ares Management Sell Neiman Marcus?