February 8, 2017
Source: www.aresmgmt.com

Report available here.

Key points:

  • Lee Neibart joined Ares Real Estate Group in July 2013 upon Ares’ acquisition of AREA Property Partners. Since then, he has played key roles as Senior Partner and Chairman of Global Real Estate for Ares.
  • However, as of March 2016 Neibart disappeared from Ares’ organizational and leadership charts, and has since been replaced by Bill Benjamin, formerly serving as head of Ares’ troubled European Real Estate group.
  • In addition, Neibart has served on the board of Hudson’s Bay Company, owner of Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor, since 2006 while Ares Management struggles to sell Neiman Marcus. Neibart is listed as CEO of an arm of Hudson’s Bay Company.

Questions to Consider